More Rumors? Now, Matthew Knowles to give Beyonce & Jay his Baby?

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10926234110 More Rumors? Now, Matthew Knowles to give Beyonce & Jay his Baby?

By: Dave Hogan

Rumors, rumors and more rumors for Bey and Jay concerning this “potential” baby. Is she birthing the baby, is she lying about her due date? Click Here to see how her father is now wrapped up in this whole deal. has reported that the women that birthed Matthew Knowles son, has known released info about Matthew  wanting to pay her off and give Bey & Jay their child, to raise as their own! The 40-year-old women named Alexsandra has quoted “‘Are you out of your mind?’ . . . Nothing in this world, no amount of money, would make me give up my child. You can’t BUY my child from me.” If this is all true, The whole Knowles/Carter family got some explaining to do. We may not have to wait long thou… Sources say she their’s a recording of the conversation.

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