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Jaz Ellington Of U.K.’s “The Voice” Makes Will.i.Am Cry On TV

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(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

When high school music teacher Jaz Ellington performed Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” on the United Kingdom’s version of “The Voice,” he only had Will.i.Am hit the button to pick him on his team.  But what followed next made all the judges wish they had him and have the world fall in love with Jaz!

After he performed “The A Team,” U.K. pop sensation Jessie J asked Jaz to perform another song.  Jaz Ellington chose John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People,’ the same song that Will.i.Am wrote for Legend a few years back.  The song was written after Will’s 9 year relationship with his girlfriend ended.

As Jaz sings the song, you can tell that gets extremely emotional, and you can even see tears flowing from Jessie J’s eyes!  Plus, Jaz was fighting for the last place slot in the competition!

After Jaz’s performance, said “Here comes a little angel with wings…that Jaz was, and not only did he sing awesome, but he would bless us with a better version of ‘Ordinary People'”

If I had to pick a front-runner on England’s version of “The Voice,” then Jaz would definitely be that man.  He has an incredible R&B voice, and we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of his songs stateside as the show goes on.

What do you think of Jaz’s voice?  Let us know in the Comment Section Below!

-Will Johnson, Power 98 WPEG in Charlotte, NC

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