The Dirty Dirty: Chicago Cops Investigate The Threats Against Rick Ross

by Yasmin Young aka @DJYasminYoung
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(Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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Rick Ross says he’s not hiding from gang members who made death threats against him, but the Chicago Police Department took the videotaped message seriously enough to launch an investigation!
Members of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples posted a video demanding that Rozay cut a check for GD founder Larry Hoover or else.  Now the Chicago PD has been made aware of the video, and will be taking a closer look at the YouTube post.  Click here to watch the video!

Is Kenya Moore’s RHOA Relationship Fake?
Former Miss USA and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is denying reports that her relationship with Kid from Kid & Play look-alike, Walter Jackson was fake. On Wednesday, Walter did an interview with our sister Station in Atlanta, V103, saying that Kenya asked him to play her boyfriend on the show. Walter claimed they had dated briefly three years ago, but Kenya contacted him before filming started so she could have a storyline. Kenya denies his claims, saying “Walter’s recent statements are completely false. I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life. He says he ‘did it for fame. I’ve been humiliated enough by appearing desperate for a man to marry me who now admits he had his own agenda. I urge viewers to stay tuned because the truth will come to light. I am moving on from this situation and hope he can as well with respect and dignity going forward.”

Trinidad James Says He’s Not Mr. Molly
Trinidad James says he’s not promoting Molly, a concentrated form of ecstasy, even though he raps about it in his hit single “All Gold Everything.” Even though the song’s line “Pop a Molly/ I’m sweatin'” has become a catchphrase, James says he’s not a drug addict. He told MTV, “I might go months without doin’ anything.” But he admits that there are times when “I feel like I can’t get turnt up fast enough and I’m just gonna do this.”

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