The Dirty Dirty: Chief Keef Cries…And Gets Sentenced

by Yasmin Young aka @DJYasminYoung
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(Photo by Getty Images)

(Photo by Getty Images)

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Chief Keef was sentenced Thursday to two months in a juvenile dentition facility for violating his parole. And so much for being hard, word is Keef cried like a baby several times during the hearing and begged for forgiveness. But the judge wasn’t hearing it! Keef was accused of violating his conviction on gun charges after he filmed a segment for Pitchfork magazine at a gun range. And he really needs to get it together! He was also smacked with another lawsuit by a company called Team Major for missing a high-profile show in London back in December. The company is demanding $75,000!

Did Superhead Cheat On Lil Wayne With Drake?
Scandalous, just scandalous! The streets are talking and they’re saying Karrine “Superhead” Steffans cheated on Lil’ Wayne with Drake! A passage from her book, How to Make Love to a Martian leaked on and ignited the rumor. Karrine suggests that she hooked up with one of Wayne’s best friends, rumored to be Drake, while she was pregnant with Weezy’s child. She wrote, “He told me he loved me. I told him I loved him but it was over. Then, I turned and ran off the bus and into the arms of one of the closest people to him. And he would never forgive me.”

The Daddy Of Michael Jackson’s Two Kids May Be Revealed
You are the daddy…well maybe! The mystery of who fathered Michael Jackson’s children may have been solved. The Beverly Hills dermatologist who treated MJ may have revealed a clue on Facebook. Arnold Klein updated his profile pic on Wednesday with photo of his drivers license photo and a picture of Jackson’s oldest son, Prince. Then he posted, “Hmmmmm” without further comment. The facial features are strikingly similar, but click here to judge for yourself!

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