Top 10 Best Super Bowl Plays Of All Time

By: Justin Curry
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When games are close, we you look for someone to pull through in clutch performances and lead your team to victory. These can be game winning drives, field goals, catches or runs. It’s just that one play that swings momentum and gives your team the winning edge. Since the Super Bowl is this Sunday, we are taking a look at the top 10 Super bowls plays of all time.

10. Desmond Howard returns a kickoff 99 yards and helps the Packers win (Super Bowl XXXI)

Howard takes the kick off to the races for 99 yards as he helps the Packers defeat the patriots In the Super Bowl.

9. Lynn Swann makes a diving catch (Super Bowl XIV)

Swann comes back to make a great diving catch in the air and manages to hold on to the ball as he hits the ground hard.

8. Terry Bradshaw to John Stallworth an amazing over the shoulder catch (Super Bowl XIV)

Bradshaw passes deep down the middle of the field and Stallworth makes an amazing catch over the wrong shoulder to take it 73 yards into the end zone

7. Don Beebe strips Leon Lett on the 1 yard line to save Touchdown (Super Bowl XXVII)

Leon Lett picks up a fumble and takes off for the end zone. But Don Beebe of the Bills runs him down and smacks the ball out of the end zone on the 1 yard line saving a touchdown.

6. Tracy Porter interception returned for a Touchdown against Colts (Super Bowl XLIV)

Defensive Back Tracy Porter picks off Peyton Manning and takes it back for six as the Saints defeat the Colts.

5. James Harrison returns an interception 100 yards right before the half (Super Bowl XLIII)

Harrison drops back into coverage and catches a huge interception before the half. He then returns it 100 yards breaking multiple tackles to give the Steelers a touchdown.

4. Marcus Allen’s 74 yard touchdown run (Super Bowl XVIII)

Marcus Allen went left the turned around and broke right, darting up the field for 74 yards and a touchdown as the Oakland Raiders dominated the Washington Redskins.

3. Eli Manning pass to David Tyree (Super Bowl XLII)

Eli Manning converts a huge 3rd down play by avoiding the sack and airing it out to an acrobatic David Tyree

2. Mike Jones tackles Kevin Dyson 1 yard shy of end zone to end game (Super Bowl XXXIV)

With 6 seconds left on the clock Kevin Dyson catches a slant and gets tackled around the 3 yard line. He stretches his arm out to the 1 yard line where he is then ruled down with no time left on the clock.

1. Santonio Holmes spectacular catch in the corner of the end zone (Super Bowl XVIII)

Santonio Holmes makes a spectacular game winning catch in the corner of the end zone as the Steelers slide past the Cardinals.

These are some of the greatest plays to happen in Super Bowl history. Hopefully a play will be made in this years game as the Ravens face the 49ers. Get ready because this Sunday is game day.

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