Chris Brown Talks Release & Details Of New Album “X”

by Yasmin Young
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Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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Releasing his sixth major album “X,” Chris Brown is evolving into an artist that is dealing with reality and “being more in tune as a real guy” with his music.  He took time off from his hectic promo schedule to talk with Yasmin Young from the Morning Maddhouse about his life and music!

The new single, “Fine China,” has taken a direction all its own and is somewhat reminiscent to a Maxwell/Michael Jackson vibe.  Chris wanted to please his fans that wanted for him to not pop/electronic song and make a track that is “timeless” and “felt great” to the world.

Pertaining to the music video for “Fine China,” Chris said that he didn’t want to model the video after a Michael Jackson music video, but at least have the legendary artist approve of his work in “Fine China” video.

Chris isn’t afraid to take risks in his music as he crosses different genres in both his songs and collaborations.

“It’s just me taking a shot at it.  It’s like ‘Cool…let me just try it’ and not look at it as it’s going to end my life or be the worst thing I’m doing.”

Brown says that music shouldn’t be labeled as a genre because then they put an artist “in a box” and can’t be creative in what they do musically.

His new album “X” title came from a few sources: X is the 24th letter in the alphabet (the same as his age) and “X” marks the spot!  The “X” also is for the unknown, so people need to know that Chris Brown is passionate about everything he does so don’t get offended if he does something obscure in the gossip sites.

Listen to the Interview below to see what you can expect from his latest album “X.”

You can pick up Chris Brown’s latest album “X” in late summer in July or August.

-Yasmin Young, Power 98 WPEG


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