In Fayetteville, It’s Against The Law To Drink Arizona Iced Tea…And They Don’t Read You Your Rights!

by Danny Diaz
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By: Neil Winokur
TIME & LIFE Images / Getty Images

By: Neil Winokur
TIME & LIFE Images / Getty Images

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Did you know that in Fayetteville, NC, it is illegal to drink Arizona Iced Tea in public?

And if your caught, they don’t even have to read you your rights??!! From the looks of what happened recently, it appears that the undercovers don’t play that.

After viewing this video that was shared on Facebook, I was a little confused. In the clip, a man is in the parking lot waiting for someone while enjoying a can of Arizona Iced tea.  All of a sudden an undercover cop of some sort approaches and demands to see what he’s drinking. When the man shows the unidentified law enforcement guy that he’s simply drinking tea from the gas station, the undercover cop goes crazy and demands them to leave the property and that they’re trespassing.

As the man questions what’s going on, he was slammed to the ground and placed in cuffs.

If you notice, the unidentified so-called law enforcement guy never said who he was or read any Miranda rights to the man he was detaining.

Let me know if there’s something I’m missing other than the fact that the unidentified undercover was mad that the man enjoying his refreshment wasn’t being a “good ol boy” and handing over his canned tea.

Update: the Fayetteville Police Department have reviewed the video and have no comment since it is not one of their officers.

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