Scary Prescription Medication Side Effects

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(Photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — When you visit the doctor for an ailment, you trust that your doctor will prescribe a medication that will make you feel better. But, that isn’t always the case…

While many doctors prescribe medications with side effects in mind, they assume that the benefits of the medication outweigh the possible side effects. However, sometimes, a prescription medication causes more harm than good.

Here are some scary side effects found in popular medications:

Here’s a common scenario: You wake up with a fever and body aches and you immediately suspect the flu. You schedule an appointment with your doctor and you are relieved when he prescribes Tamiflu to reduce the duration of your symptoms. And suddenly, while taking Tamiflu, you break out in sweats and start to hallucinate. One of the side effects of Tamiflu is hallucinations, in addition to impulsive behavior and thoughts of suicide. On second thought, suffering from the flu sounds better than the side effects associated with taking this medication.

An incredibly alarming number of Americans now take cholesterol medication to help reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease. While diet and exercise would lower a person’s cholesterol, many people still opt to take medication than to alter their diet and lifestyle. Just when you thought cholesterol medication such as Lipitor couldn’t do you any harm … think again. A major side effect of taking Lipitor is memory loss — and not the kind of forgetfulness that many of us experience occasionally. We’re talking about a full-blown case of Amnesia, as in … while taking Lipitor, you may not remember who you are, where you are, or what the heck is going on. Sounds pretty scary, right? In hindsight, diet and exercise sound pretty good right about now!

Lariam is a medication prescribed to people who are traveling out of the country. The medication is used to prevent Malaria, however, the side effects of this medication are anxiety, nightmares, and psychopath behavior. Several people who have taken this medication have committed suicide and/or murdered people. Yikes!

So, you have acne … and it’s embarrassing. While visiting the doctor, he prescribes you Accutane. Accutane is very effective at treating acne, as it does so by entering your bloodstream and reducing the oil in your skin that contributes to acne. But … here’s what you probably don’t know about Accutane: the medication may trick your body into thinking it has developed a tumor in your brain. The symptoms associated with this are nausea, dizziness, and severe headaches. Apart from the “brain tumor,” taking Accutane can also cause permanent hair loss. Hmmm … enduring the acne sounds a bit more appealing.

Mirapex is prescribed to treat a plethora of ailments from headaches to Parkinson’s disease. One of the side effects of taking this medication is impulsive, addictive and uncontrollable behavior. More than half of the people who have taken this medication suddenly became addicted to food, gambling, sex, street drugs, and pretty much everything in between. This medication triggers an impulsive response in your brain — impairing your decision making skills and basically turning you into a “junkie.” Doesn’t sound so “safe,” does it?

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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