20 Throwback Hip-Hop Songs From The Early 2000s

by Brittany Hendricks
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(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

The Rap/Hip-Hop industry is nuts these days! From 2 Chainz to Wale to ASAP Rocky and Future, the industry is burning up with love for these somewhat newcomers in the game! While we appreciate the music that is being released today, we want to take you back in time. A time where a different face of rappers and hip-hop artists ran the game. We’re not trying to make you sad, we just want you to reminisce with us.

So check out 20 Throwback Hip-Hop songs from the early 2000s, and tell us what you think? Remember some songs that we didn’t? Well leave us a comment in the section below and we’ll add to it!

Plus, see the best Hip-Hop and R&B songs of 2013 and 2014!

1. “Conceited” – Remy Ma

Way before she was locked behind bars, female rapper Remy Ma was not one to be afraid to flaunt what she got!

2. “Crowded” – Jeannie Ortega feat. Pappoose

Even though she was basically a one-hit wonder, Jeannie Ortega teamed up with rapper Pappoose to create an incredible hip-hop duet!

3. “Grindin'” – Clipse

Who doesn’t remember the little boys in the classroom using the pen and pencil to make this beat on their desks?

4. “Hate It Or Love It” – The Game, 50 Cent

Aw G-Unit… we miss you guys being an actual unit as opposed to just different pieces of the puzzle now. We definitely loved it back then.

5. “Hey Ma” – Cam’Ron feat. Juelz Santana

These two teamed up for a cute song about picking up women… It definitely warmed our hearts.

6. “Lean Back” – Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe, Remy Ma

If you weren’t one of the millions of people doing this dance when this song came out, I’m a little worried about your taste in music… just saying.

7. “Make It Rain” – Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne

We did, in fact, want to “make it rain” just like Lil Wayne and Fat Joe.. even though we ALL knew we barely had rain drops.

8. “On Fire” – Lloyd Banks

Everyone loved Lloyd Banks! This was back in the day when he actually was on fire.

9. “Pass The Courvoisier Part II” – Busta Rhymes feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell 

Diddy was no stranger to collaborations back in the day. Check out on his most popular ones.

10. “Put It On Me” Ja Rule feat. Lil’ Mo & Vita

Ja Rule used to be the MAN back in the day! Check out his song where he teamed up with Lil Mo & Vita for a crazy good song.

11. “Shake Ya Tailfeather” – Nelly feat. P. Diddy & Murphy Lee

This is like our modern-day “twerking,” only with a flare of “bad boy.” Check out this throwback joint!

12. “Smile” – G-Unit

Aw… Guerilla Unit did have a soft side, didn’t they?

13. “Still Not A Player” – Big Pun feat. Joe

Before Arianna Grande and Mac Miller made their stamp with “The Way,” this song was burning up the charts!

14. “Stunt 101″ – G-Unit

Remember when G-Unit was used to drop crazy songs? Well this was one them! Check it out.

15. “Tell Me” – Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera

What an unlikely, but well executed duet!

16. “There It Go” – Juelz Santana

Oh Juelz Santana and Dipset! They were like the YMCMB of today’s generation… and I guess Juelz Santana was like the Drake to Jim Jones’ Lil Wayne? Either way, we loved this song!

17. “This is Why I’m Hot” – MIMS

Remember this? When this song came out, everyone thought there were fire! Check it out.

18. “U Make Me Wanna” – Jadakiss feat. Mariah Carey

Remember when all rappers wanted to work with Mariah Carey? Well check out one that actually worked!

19. “What You Gon Do” – Lil Jon and The East Side Boys, Lil Scrappy

Awwww shoot! This was one of the first songs that made us stop and pay attention to Lil Jon back in the day.

20. “What’s Love?” Fat Joe feat. Ja Rule and Ashanti

These three were veterans in the hip-hop department and no strangers to creating chart topping hits!

So did your nostalgia kick in? Let us know!

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