Future Flavas: King Carter Debuts New Music Video “Give A Damn”

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On this week’s episode of Future Flavas, Yasmin Young finally gets a chance to sit down with Charlotte’s own KING CARTER to talk about his upcoming projects.  King Carter has just come off the road with Verse Simmonds on a concert tour, and now he’s ready to release some new music to help put the Queen City on the map in the music industry!

We’re happy to debut his new music video “Give A Damn” featuring K Camp only found here on! (Viewer Discretion Advised – Explicit Language)

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The Westside of Charlotte, NC escorted “King Carter” into the hip hop world. Being the leader and consistent face of his hood, the nickname “King” was the best way to describe the rising NC hip hop star. Music came very natural to Mr. Carter from an early age. At just the explorative age of eleven, Mr. Carter created a bond with music that would grow indefinitely. Once he reached the age of fifteen, this art of versatile hip hop was without a doubt, the “chosen one”. Through the common likes of Carter’s peers, a rap group was formed including Mr. Carter. Before long, his high sense of individuality and unique talent bracket repelled the “group formula”, and Mr. Carter became distracted by the crossroads of life, “the streets”.

It was just four years ago when King Carter decided that he would no longer put his natural talent on the back burner. His mind was completely made up; it was music or nothing. Mr. Carter began to take his music career’s maturity to a new and major level. All of Charlotte, NC would know of Mr. Carter sooner than expected. One might think that such a creative lyricist would use the common tools in the lab, such as pen and paper, but King Carter has the exact opposite skill. Without touching a pen and pad in five years, Mr. Carter prefers his flows to come directly from his head. “I flow better that way”, you’ll hear Mr. Carter quote when asked about his speedy creation of music.

Just as King Carter predicted, the entire city of Charlotte was very aware of his music and its movement.  Immediately Mr. Carter took his personal key to the city’s music industry and introduced “The City Council” rap group project to the Queen City fan base. His goal was to unify the city’s well known and respected rappers:  S-Dub, Bettie Grind, Royal Tee, Sony Rich; and himself (King Carter). This plan was sure to create an explosion of new viewers from outside his city, and even outside his state, but just as man group projects end up; the idea didn’t work out.  King Carter continued on his solo plight to hip hop history.

Beating a total of twenty five felonies in three years, staying honest and making music by describing how he feels seemed like the “correct” way to go about Mr. Carter’s journey to stardom. That is exactly what King did. Hit hot hit single “She Bad” took over the airwaves of Charlotte radio sooner than expected. “The Circus is Over” Mixtape, hosted by the east coast’s historical DJ Chuck T, satisfied the fanbase craving for Carter-ology as well. When DJ Chuck T went up on stage to accept an award at a past DJ Core Retreat award show he stated “King Carter is the future of music.” Not just a rapper, Mr. Carter resides as a business man, being the Co-C.E.O. of his independent record label Young South Ent.

King Carter’s “No Choice” album put icing on the rappers career, produced by very well known Konvict music’s producer, Tim Walls (AKA Krazy Figz). Not only did King Carter put the NC rap game in a chokehold after the album was released, he gained much kudos from the producer legend. “Carter recorded his whole album without writing anything down, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do once he entered the booth. He is by far one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with.”
As of today, King Carter still remains in the royalty bracket of Charlotte musicians. The “She Bad” remix featuring Ricco Barrino can be heard all over the radio as well as venues across the city and NC. The talented vocalist, Verse Simmons, linked up with Mr. Carter and he now resides on the hit single “Buy U a Round”, along with national artists Jim Jones, the Game, Juvenile, and Jermaine Dupree. Verse Simmons also graced Mr. Carter’s own single “Keep Pushing”, and the two artists go on tour with each other beginning in April. Media presenter “Showcase Magazine” placed King Carter on their cover, and the powerful and beastly rap artist continues to impress the eyes watching. With lots of mixtape features, Mr. Carter’s mission is far from complete. Knowledgeable creator of “Keys to the City Map” , a map that highlights all of the places to go during Charlotte’s annual CIAA tournament, this young rapper/businessman consistently displays that he’s a “Boss” with “Boss Intentions”. Follow Mr. Carter by using the traditional sources of social networking @KingCarterNC and visit his website at . You don’t want to miss out on this intelligent hip hop’s artist journey to the top.

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