Top 10 First Date No-No’s For Men

By: QC Writer
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(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — It’s no secret that women tend to be able to articulate their point of view, thoughts and feelings better than most men. At times, there seems to be a disconnect between the male brain and their mouth — and at some point, every woman has gone on the “first date from Hell,” … as in, there will NEVER be a second date.

For some reason, some guys are clueless when it comes to things that they shouldn’t say or do on a first date.

Here are the top 10 things that men should never do or say on a first date — unless of course, they want to ensure that there isn’t a second date.

10. Don’t discuss religion or politics. These are very heavy subjects, especially during the first date. Furthermore, religion and politics are two subjects that most people rarely agree on, so unless you’re down for a debate within minutes of meeting, keep the conversation light.

9. Don’t be late. No female likes to be kept waiting, especially on the first date. If for some reason, you get stuck in traffic or there is no way to avoid being late, be courteous and let her know that you will be late.

8. Don’t tell her your whole life story. Remember, it’s just the first date. During the first date, you want to convey that you’re a fun kind of guy and that you are likeable. She doesn’t need to know where you were born, what your childhood was like, or how much money you make — right from the get-go. Keep the conversation going if things get quiet by asking her questions about herself.

7. Don’t agree, just to agree. While it is important to come across as likeable, most women don’t really want you to agree with them about everything. I know, we’re difficult creatures to understand, but a woman likes a man to state his opinion, as long as it doesn’t make her feel unintelligent.

6. Don’t make your date yawn. If you’re boring, chances are you can kiss that second date goodbye. Try to relax, be yourself and play it cool. Make sure to engage her in conversation, and limit your cell phone use, unless it’s an emergency.

5. Try not to curse on the first date. Save the swearing for when you’re hanging with your guys friends. Hearing a man swear, especially on the first date, is a big turn off for women.

4. Don’t check out other women. Eye contact is important to a woman … and if your date sees your eyes wander over to the sexy woman at the bar, chances are … you blew it. Keep your eyes on her for the majority of the date, unless of course someone starts choking at the table next to you. In that case, get up and save their life — then, you’ll be a hero in your date’s eyes.

3. Don’t insult her or become rude if she doesn’t seem interested in you. Some men become extremely irritated if a girl doesn’t seem completely into him right away. Instead of keeping the charm turned on, their wounded ego lashes out and they turn into a complete jerk. Some men even opt to start putting the woman they are on a date with down as a defense mechanism.

2. Don’t talk about your Ex, or any past relationship for that matter. No woman wants to hear about your past relationships. In fact, if you have to talk about your Ex, chances are you aren’t over her yet, and you shouldn’t be out on a date if you’re still hung up on your past girlfriend.

1. Don’t talk about sex. Women gravitate towards men who are respectful. Furthermore, mentioning sex on the first date is a big no-no. If your date was looking for a one night stand, she’d be sitting at the bar and not out on a date with you. Enough said.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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