Top 10 First Date No-No’s For Women

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(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about the Top 10 no-no’s that men do on a first date. In the interest of playing fair, this article will shed light on the Top 10 things women should never do on a first date.

After meeting so many “Mr. Wrong’s,” most women show up to their next date hoping to make a connection with “Mr. Right.” Because the expectation is so high, a lot of women go to great lengths to try to impress their date, and unfortunately, after the date “Mr. Right” isn’t impressed, and a second date is not in the cards.

Here are the Top 10 First Date No-No’s For Women:

10. Have Bad Manners. Men want to date a woman who is respectful to others. Being rude to the waitress or restaurant staff while out to dinner will most likely not sit well with your date.

9. Using Your Phone. While on the first date, keep your phone on vibrate or silent and don’t worry about updating your Facebook status, or checking your email or texts while you’re out with “Mr. Right.” Facebook, email and texting will be there after your date is over.

8. Insist On Paying. If he is truly Mr. Right, he will expect to pay for the first date. It’s one thing to politely offer to contribute to the meal, but if he insists on paying, accept that he wants to pay for the first date, say “thank you,” and leave it at that.

7. Wear Too Much Makeup/Wear Promiscuous Clothing. You’ve spent hours getting ready for the big date, but … you may be wearing too much makeup. Truth be told, most men are attracted to women who don’t load their face with makeup. In general, men prefer natural shades of makeup. So if you sit down across from your date with a pound of makeup on your face, or if you’re wearing clothing that is too revealing, chances are … there won’t be a second date.

6. Talk About Money. Men are on the lookout for Gold Diggers, so if you want a second date, don’t talk about money, how much money he makes, or what kind of car he drives on the first date. Any of these topics registers as a red flag “Gold Digger Alert” in your date’s mind.

5. Texting/Calling Him (After the Date.) Do not text/call him immediately following the date to say “hi,” or to thank him for a great night … again. If he’s really into you, he’ll ask you for a second date.

4. Cursing. Let’s be clear, if your date wanted to be around someone who talked like a drunken Sailor, he’d be out with his guy pals and not out on a date with you. Keep it classy, don’t swear — it makes you unattractive.

3. Getting Drunk. Sure, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a glass or two of wine, especially to help calm your nerves, but don’t push it past the point of no return. Getting drunk on the first date makes you a liability to your date, and it also ensures that he won’t be interested in a second date.

2. Talk About Your Ex.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT talk about your past relationship(s) on a first date. No guy wants to hear about your Ex or what went wrong in your last relationship. All guys know that if you have to talk about your Ex boyfriend, than you’re still not over him. Enough said!

1. Go Home With Your Date. On the first date, NEVER, EVER go home with your date afterwards. Men want to date a woman that they feel like they have earned, not one who gives it up on the first date.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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