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Frederick M. Brown/
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Frederick M. Brown/
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Here is another reality recap and I am a sucker for new shows that are GOOD shows and one’s that have some type of positive message embedded in

it. Last night, OWN TV dropped a sneak peak of a new show that is sure to rock the airwaves of OWN TV.

The show is called Houston Beauty. It’s about a beauty school in Texas. The school is called Franklin Beauty School. It’s one of the oldest

and most successful beauty schools in the country. They play NO GAMES!

I am sure that this show will have it’s moments that we all may say #ReallyTho? I already think I see who the breakout star will be. There is a young

lady named Mia on the show who is a transgendered student and she is said to have great talent with hair. The downside is she is an escort and that’s

how she pays here bills. She said that she has been a hustler all of her life and plans on getting it however she can.

Now, I’m glad that she is trying to make her way through school. Check out the video below of an excerpt when she receives an inappropriate call. This

will let you know how worth it this show will be.

I know what you are thinking. I have got to watch this show!!!! Yes you and me both.  I have a feeling that this maybe a great breakout show for

the OWN Network and it is going to have some moments to die for. I’m hoping to have something else to watch other than Love and Hip Hop

because I need something new. That is just my opinion.  The show premieres Saturday on Own at 10pm. Check out the official teaser below.

Leave your comments below. Also, don’t forget that Iyanla premieres her fixing Terell Owens life on OWN as well.

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