Sevyn Streeter Talks Relationships, New EP, & Chris Brown With Maddhouse

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Sevyn Streeter stopped by the studio to tell us some relationship advice, her new EP, and she even gave us some inside scoop about Chris Brown while she was here. As a recording artist and singer–songwriter, she has written songs for artists including, Chris Brown, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Ariana Grande, and Tamar Braxton.

Sevyn Streeter has worked with Chris Brown, but also knows him on a personal level. We asked her how his ‘bad boy’ image measures up in real life, “I mean, I know nothing but good from him; in fact, that’s all our relationship has ever been. You heard him on my record, I didn’t even ask him for that song, but I’m very appreciative for that. Long story short, we’re just really good friends and that’s family to me, has been for like the past 5 years and he’s been nothing but great to me, we have a great relationship.”

Sevyn Streeter’s debut EP entitled Call Me Crazy, But… is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2013. She told us, “The EP is a seven song EP and it’s called Call Me Crazy, But… cause it’s basically just talking about the cycle of a relationship: the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I called it Call Me Crazy, But… because I felt like a lot of times in relationships, and ya’ll tell me if you can relate, you felt like the person that you with was acting a little crazy, or the person that you with might have thought you was acting a little crazy. What it all comes down to with the person that’s  being accused of being a little bit crazy feels like, ‘Call me crazy, but didn’t you just lie to me about that?’ or ‘Call me crazy, but you made me a promise and you broke it.’ It’s just talking about the cycle of a relationship and I just can’t wait to get it out to people.” Sevyn even broke down each of her seven songs for us:

1. “Come on Over” – “…talking about the introduction of a relationship and you’re curious about is there something there and I won’t have to want it, I’m just going over.”

2. “It Won’t Stop” ft. Chris Brown – “…you enter the relationship you feel like you’re falling in love.”

3. “Sex on the Ceiling” – “Self explanatory, I don’t really have to break that down.”

4. “Call Me Crazy” – “…cause I feel like once you have sex on the ceiling sometimes people drive you a little crazy and sometimes you have to remind them that you don’t like to share.”

5. “Bans” – “You have to use your imagination, I can’t really say what [on the radio]”

6. “Shattered” - “I feel like in order for somebody to get you as mad as  I got them bans, you have to love them. I feel like you can’t love somebody and be that angry, so you have to love them. “Shattered” is basically just talking about, ok lets have a conversation about it. You pointing fingers, I’m pointing fingers, can’t throw stones in a glass house. Either it’s gonna work out or it’s gonna shatter.”

7. “Next” – “It’s you going back to what’s comfortable and going back to what’s familiar. A lot of times that is your Ex. Late nights, you at home watching the football game and you pick up that phone and you like ‘hey girl, how you been, haven’t talked to you in a minute.’ For women we at home watching chick flicks and you want somebody to cuddle with.”

All this crazy talk floating around made us wonder, how crazy is Sevyn Streeter? She said, “It just depends on who I’m dealing with and how they perceive my craziness. To me, I don’t personally think I’m that crazy.” But, that’s what we all say… Sevyn went on to explain her ‘craziest’ behavior yet, “I haven’t done slashing your tires and the breaking your windows, none of that, but it was still considered crazy by who I was dealing with. I definitely Instagram stalk, and it was after we weren’t together anymore, but I found out things that went on while we were together. I created a folder of things that I found and the second that he was like ‘no it was nothing’ I was like ‘let me forward you this’ and I forwarded what I found and the dates matched up […] I’m not gonna mess with your clothes, I’m not gonna mess with your car, but I take very seriously the things that come out of people’s mouths and I will not talk to someone. I can hold out for a long time without talking to somebody, I really can, I can do it.”

Sevyn grew up in Haines City, Florida right outside of Orlando. Her career has only progressed since she was a teenager in Haines, and we have to wonder, how has this lifestyle affected your relationships? She said, “I’m definitely a lot more busy. In terms of a relationship… first off I love what I do, so I gotta put that out there. I’m having the time of my life. I may sound a little raspy right now, but don’t let that fool you. On the inside I am jumping for joy, I am having so much fun. As far as dating, jeez-us how much time we got? I swear, there really isn’t much time. I was telling ya’ll out there, and I’ll be transparent, there’s a guy that I date and he’s… whatever, he does play basketball and we were just trying to figure out our schedules and he was like, ‘yeah, so I’ll be in this city’ and I was like well, ‘I’ll be in that city, that city, and that city so..’ he was just like… ‘I’ll see you when I see you.’ […] It’s really hard even if you have somebody that can fly and come and see you, they’d be sitting with me at the radio station.. Yesterday we were working all day; busy all day yesterday. We got to the hotel, dead tired, got maybe 4 hours of sleep… It’s not easy, but I’m definitely, I’m still open. I’m still optimistic about it.”

Before heading out Sevyn Streeter made sure to shout out to her fans exactly why they should invest in her new EP, “You should just get it because you been through it. And if you ain’t been through it, you gonna go through it, so you might want to get it and study it so you’re prepared for this life of love, this roller coaster of love that you will go through eventually. If you ain’t been through it, you will, and if you have been through it you gonna be like ‘Take me at the tabernacle! Preach!'”

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