New Reality Show: Wahlburgers (Mark Wahlburg & Family)

By: Vonyetta
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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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With the reality recap, not only do we discuss news with reality stars, recap shows, but I also will tell you about brand new reality tv shows.

Wednesday nights are great nights. For one, Duck Dynasty comes on. Now that Phil is back on the show and all that has been hashed

out, we no longer have to sit and wonder what the outcome of the show will be.

Well, last night after Duck Dynasty went off, a new episode of Wahlburgers came on. Ever since I first saw Four Brothers I was a Mark

Wahlburg fan! He was just raw! LOL. However, this show follows Mark, his brothers Paul and Donnie, and their mother Alma.

The brothers own a burger joint together called Wahlburger. It’s more like a gourmet burger restaurant. They have a burger of the month

each month and this last episode, we learn that Donnie is dating Jenny from The View. They named a burger after Jenny and the menu

looks great from the website. They make a really cute couple though. The show is HILARIOUS.  One other thing, they also own another

restaurant across the street from Wahlburger. It’s called Alma Cove. It’s named after their mother and cove means 9 in a different

language. They added the 9 in because Alma has 9 kids.  Their mother started working at that restaurant after her daughter died.

It’s really a great show!

Check out a clip below of last weeks episode.  In the new episode, they are looking for a location to open in Boston which they are from.

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