The Dirty Dirty: Is Drake Sleeping With Rihanna AND Serena Williams & Did They Fight?

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By: Stephen Lovekin
Getty Images Entertainment

By: Stephen Lovekin
Getty Images Entertainment

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Did Rihanna and Serena Williams almost get into a fight over Drake back stage his Paris concert Monday night? That’s the word according to MediaTakeout, which claims that an angry Serena ran up RiRi backstage over her relationship with Drizzy. A source says that both Serena and RiRi have “friends with benefits” status with Drake, but Serena apparently didn’t appreciate seeing Rihanna in the same space as her. Although words were exchanged, nothing physical happened. And after the concert Drake left with RiRi. TMZ backs that one up — with pics of the two together.

DMX Blames His Ex-Wife For His Financial Problems
DMX’s ex-wife Tashera has one more insult to bear — he’s blaming the recent foreclosure of his mansion in Mt. Kisco, New York on her. According to TMZ, DMX says he wanted Tashera to move out of the house in 2005 because they couldn’t afford it, but she refused because she had “delusions of grandeur.” X even claims that she withdrew $100,000 from his bank account while he was locked up, but refused to put it towards the home’s mortgage.  He says, “I told her she is living above her means, that you can’t still live on the same block as Martha Stewart and Chevy Chase, you gotta downgrade. But she refuses to do so because the house is in my name. She doesn’t give a [crap] about my credit.”

Don’t Celebrate To Much Men, Paula May Not Be Single Yet
Robin Thicke’s cancelled shows over the weekend were not due to illness, as he had previously claimed, but instead because he was trying to save his marriage. He and his wife Paula Patton announced their separation yesterday. Last Friday, Thicke cancelled his show in Atlanta, saying he was having throat problems, but then hopped a flight to Vancouver to meet with his wife where she is shooting a movie. The next day, he cancelled his Orlando concert so that he could spend time with his son at Disney World.

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