12 FREE Apps Every College Student Needs

by Intern Kendall Atkins
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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

College is a fun, stressful and unforgettable experience.

This is cliché, but college really is the best four years of your life.

It’s a chance to learn responsibility, experiment with new things and study interesting subjects.

So while you’re in the midst of making new friends, joining campus organizations, club hopping and, most importantly, staying on top of your studies, here are 12 FREE apps every college students needs to download ASAP!

You’ll thank me later.

1. Quizlet

Make flash cards you can take on the go and even access without WiFi with Quizlet.

2. EasyBib

Hate making citations for your essays? EasyBib creates the book citation for you! All you have to do is scan the book’s bar code and EasyBib will create and save your citation for you in MLA, APA or Chicago style.

3. Babylon

Taking a foreign language, but unsure of the definition of a word or phrase? Babylon gives you accurate definitions for dozens of languages.

4. LinkedIn

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, then you need to make one – ASAP! LinkedIn is great for networking and it lets you know about potential employers who are looking for students like you.

5. Twitter

Stay updated on what your family, friends and classmates are doing in 140 characters or less. You can even meet other students by searching your university’s acronym (#UNC, #WSSU, #UNCG, ##UNCC, #ECSU, #FSU). Be sure to include a hashtag in your own Twitter bio so your classmates can find you.

6. iNextBus

Does your university or new city provide busing to classes? iNextBus uses your current location to notify you when the next bus is coming. If you can’t find your university/city’s busing system on iNextBus, ask other students which busing app they use.

7. MyFitnessPal

Avoid the Freshman 15 by keeping a log of your daily calorie intake, water intake and workouts with MyFitnessPal.

8. EverNote

Takes notes and photos, make to-do-lists and record voice reminders with EverNote. Missed class on Tuesday? Take a pic of a classmate’s notes for reference later. EverNote also syncs notes with all of your Apple devices.

9. DropBox

Save photos, videos, documents and more with 2GB of free storage from DropBox, and access your saved files from all of your devices.

10. StudyBlue

If Quizlet isn’t enough, you can make digital flashcards and study guides with StudyBlue. StudyBlue can even quiz you on your saved material.

11. iStudiez Lite

Have trouble keeping up with deadlines? Input your class schedule into iStudiez Lite, and it keeps track of your deadlines, grades and more.

12. Mint

Keep track of your spending habits with Mint, so you can monitor how much you’re spending on clothes, food, drinks, books, club entrance fees and more.

*Go ahead and start downloading these handy apps to help you succeed in college now!

Know of another app that we forgot? Tell us which one in the Comment Section below.

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