Carowinds Announced New Coaster! Worlds Fastest And Tallest Giga Coaster!

By: Vonyetta
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Carowinds is one the best theme parks around. It’s our theme park of the Carolinas and surrounding areas. Fun times at Carowinds just got better with their latest announcement.

Carowinds announced today that in Spring  of 2015 we will see Fury 325. I know the first question that some of you are asking is what is a giga coaster. A giga coaster is a coaster that has drops ranging from 300 – 399 feet according to Wikipedia.

Well, the Fury 325 has a 325 foot drop and also has an underground dive. It also gets to speeds up to 95 miles per hour!!!! I am a fan of roller coasters, but this one is one for the books. The ride is slated to open in Spring of 2015. You can even follow the construction here.

Here are some facts about the coaster.

  • The ride size is 8.4 acres.
  • It was designed by a top Swiss design firm Bollinger & Mabillard..
  • The ride is approx. 3 mins and 25 secs.
  • The angle of decent is 81 degrees.

Checkout the virtual tour video below.

You riding or nah? I sure will!

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