Danny Diaz (6p-10p)

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Carolina Street Connect: Schyler Chaise

Our Carolina Street Connect artist of the week is Charlotte’s own Schyler Chaise.  His new single “Just Us” features Rick Ross & Jimmy Kelso, and will be booming all week at 9:30pm with Danny Diaz. [...]

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Marley Gang

Carolina Street Connect: Marley Gang

This weeks Carolina Street Connect is the group Marley Gang, out of Greensboro, NC.  Their new single “Lights Down Low,” will be on all week at 9:30pm with Danny Diaz.  Be sure to download it [...]


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T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather In “Am I Wrong”

Although T.I. said he wouldn’t talk about it, it looks like rapping is his way of venting & throwing shots.  So we all remember the drama between Floyd Mayweather, T.I. & Tiny.  Today Tip addressed [...]


Courtesy of S. Dub

Carolina Street Connect: III (formerly S. Dub)

North Charlotte’s III, formerly known as S. Dub The Greatest is this week’s Carolina Street Connect feature of the week.  His new single ‘Pay Off’ will be keeping that 9:30 Carolina slot bumpin all week [...]


By: Noah Graham
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The Game Enlists Long List Of Features For Michael Brown “Dont Shoot” Tribute

In the wake of Michael Brown’s tragic death, The Game has recruited a large portion of the hip-hop community for his new tribute song, “Don’t Shoot.”   The song features verses from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, [...]


Courtesy of Boss Pimp

Carolina Street Connect: Boss Pimp

Charlotte’s Boss Pimp is our Carolina Street Connect artist of the week.  Danny Diaz will be featuring his new single “My Baby” at 9:30pm all week long.  If you can’t wait to hear it live, [...]


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Diddy Presents Revolt Music Conference In Miami

Diddy just announced the REVOLT Media Conference in on it’s way to the Fountaine Bleau Hotel in  Miami, Florida.  The event will be October 16th, through the 19th, bringing the necessary environment where technology meets [...]


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Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty, Sentenced To 39 Months Today

Gucci Mane finally got his day in court today, stemming from weapons charges in 2013.  Gucci struck a plea deal to the charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The verdict the [...]


By: Bryan Bedder
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R. Kelly Sued By Former Manager, Threatens To Leak Kelly’s Secrets

R. Kelly’s legal issues with his former manager just might put him back in that “Controversial” spotlight.  After 2o years of working together, Kelly and Derrel McDavid severed their business relationship last year.  They reached [...]


Courtesy of Fly Guy

Carolina Street Connect: Fly Guy

Our Carolina Street Connect artist of the week is a group out of Gaffney, SC called Fly Guy.  Be sure to catch their new single “Off The Chain” all week at 9:30pm with Danny Diaz. [...]



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