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Condom Tracking: Where Did You Wear It?

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest gave 55,000 condoms out to colleges in the area, which is nice, but what’s weird about this is that these condoms have a code in them that can track […]


Maddhouse Aftershow: Girls Carrying Condoms Tacky?

The Maddhouse crew talks about if it is alright for girls to carry condoms with them and how many they should have!  What do you think?  Let us know in our post, and then enter […]


Women Carrying Condoms

Will.I.Am said that he thought it was tacky for women to carry condoms. For “Working Woman Wednesday” we asked the ladies what they thought about carrying condoms.


Maddhouse Aftershow: How Old To Give Teenagers Condoms?

The Maddhouse Aftershow talked today about the right age to give condoms out to teenagers, and even to give them out at all!  What are your thoughts on the issue?


Condoms and Elemetary School Kids

An elementary school in Massachusetts is thinking about passing condoms out to students.



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